PvP Staking will be available both online and offline. Online PvP will require WiFi/cellular and offline PvP will require Bluetooth and WiFi/cellular.
To play locally, you need to ensure both you and your opponent's devices have Bluetooth and WiFi/cellular enabled. Once connected, you and your opponent can choose to wage preset standard amounts of either 1000 Tree Tokens, 5000 Tree Tokens, 20,000 Tree Tokens, or create a lobby with customized wager amounts.
In online, you will need to be connected to WiFi/cellular to play against opponents globally. In terms of staking, we have 3 different arenas with preset staking values of 1000 Tree Tokens, 5000 Tree Tokens, and 20,000 Tree Tokens. We also allow players to create/join a custom match where you can select a desired arena and custom wager amount.
In both P2E and PvP, players will be put into a tree-growing tapping war. The player who taps their screen the fastest will be the first to grow their tree and win! The winner takes the total pot. Good Luck!
PvP gameplay