TreeVille Utilities and Powers

TreeVille Utilities and Powers Harvest Bonus:
Each NFT has a general harvest bonus. The greater rarity NFT you own, the higher your overall harvest bonus will be in TreeVille. Whenever you harvest any sapling, this bonus will act as a multiplier.
Sapling NFT Powers:
  • Unlocking Saplings: If you don’t already have a certain sapling unlocked with Tree Tokens, owning the corresponding sapling’s NFT would allow you to plant that sapling. Additionally, for the rainbow and prestige saplings, these can only be unlocked by owning the NFTs.
  • Harvest Reward Bonus: A bonus will be calculated based on the NFTs the player owns. This bonus will be applied upon harvesting to all harvests on your land.
  • Column Reward Bonus: By owning the NFT of the planted sapling, every harvest in that column gains the column reward bonus on top of the other bonuses.
  • Auto-Watering: This power automatically waters trees for players, the player would no longer have to manually water every plot of land.
  • Full-Automation: This extremely powerful power includes auto-watering, auto-replanting, and auto-harvesting. After the player has planted on a land plot, full-automation will take care of watering the land plot, harvesting when the tree has grown to maturity, and replanting the tree after harvesting.
General Reward Bonus Example:
You own a Brown Oak Sapling, Tree of Wild Springs Sapling, and Cherry Blossom Sapling NFTs in your connected TreeVille wallet. In TreeVille, when you harvest a tree that gives you a base reward of 100 $TREE(assuming no column bonus from planted saplings in the same column of land plots), your harvest will come out to be:
= 100 $TREE (Base Amount) + 100 $TREE (Base Amount) * (0.015 (1.5% Brown Oak Sapling Bonus) + 0.18 (18% Tree of Wild Springs Sapling Bonus) + 0.5 (50% Cherry Blossom Sapling Bonus))
= 100 $TREE (Base Amount) + 100 $TREE (Base Amount) * (69.5%)
= 100 $TREE (Base Amount) + 69.5 $TREE
= 169 $TREE.
General Reward Bonus + Column Bonus Example:
The player owns Cherry Blossom NFT Sapling. If there are 2 Brown Oak Saplings planted and 2 Cherry Blossom Saplings planted in the same column and the player owns the Cherry Blossom Sapling NFT, then the total harvest of a single Brown Oak Sapling would be:
100 Tree Token (base reward) * 100 $TREE (Base Amount) * (0.5 (50% Bonus from Cherry Blossom Sapling NFT) * (2 (number of Cherry Blossom Sapling planted) * 5% (column bonus from each Cherry Blossom Sapling))
= 100 $TREE (Base Amount) + 100 $TREE (Base Amount) * (0.5 (general reward bonus) + 2 * 0.05 (2 Cherry Blossom saplings giving 5% column bonus each)
= 100 $TREE (Base Amount) + 100 $TREE (Base Amount) * (0.5 + 0.1)
= 100 $TREE (Base Amount) + 60 $TREE (Bonus from Sapling NFT)
= 160 $TREE
Please check out the next page ("Sapling NFT Powers & Attributes") for the powers and attributes of each NFT.