Ranking System

In online, every player will have a rank. Each player's rank will change based on their performance in PvP matches (Up if Win, Down if Lose). TreeVille uses an ELO rating system to calculate rating and ranking changes. Ratings will be mapped to ranks and will determine when you rank up or rank down. In online PvP, you will only face opponents of your same ranking. You can read more about the ELO system here.
Every player will start with the lowest rank, bronze, and the highest skilled players can progress to the challenger rank. There will only be 25 players in Challenger at a time, the players with the highest 25 ELO ratings in the server. Players can be demoted from the challenger rank to diamond as players fall out of the top 25 ratings on the server. All challenger ranks will be publicized on our global leaderboard with $100 USD in BSC sent shortly after every Friday at 11:59:59PM PST when the leaderboard of challengers is selected.
- Bronze
0 - 499
- Silver
500 - 999
- Gold
1000 - 1499
- Diamond
1500 - 1999
- Master
2000 or Above
- Challenger
Top 25 Highest Rated Players