Arena Matches:
Online matchmaking for PvP will be conducted based on the ELO ranking system and the wager amount for the match. There will be 3 arenas (Water, Earth, and Sun) corresponding to the 3 preset wager amounts (1,000 $TREE, 5,000 $TREE, 10,000 $TREE). Players will be matched with opponents of the same rank looking to join the same arena.
Public/Private Lobbies:
Additionally, players will be able to create public or private match lobbies where they will be able to set the arena, customized wager amounts, and rank limits. Rank limits enables players to create lobbies that only specified ranks can join. For example, if a player is a
- Gold Rank and wants only
- Bronze Rank,
- Silver Rank, and
- Gold Rank players to join the match, they can set this parameter in the ranking limit.
- Silver Ranked player wants to wager 50,000 Tree Tokens against a random online player of either
- Bronze Rank or
- Silver Rank. They proceed to create a public lobby set to the Sun Arena, 50,000 $TREE wager amount, and rank limit to
- Bronze Rank and
- Silver Rank. Once published, all other players will be able to see the public lobby and the set parameters on the lobby as well as all details/information on the lobby creator (username, current rank, ELO rating, total matches, win rate, etc). Once an opponent that fulfills all parameters sends an invite to join the public lobby, the lobby creator can choose whether to approve or deny the request. If accepted, the match will commence and the winner will receive the entire pot.
Note: Public lobbies are viewable by anyone on the server and matches commence once the lobby creator approves a request. Private lobbies will require a private code to join.