Depending on the tree type, saplings will take somewhere between 4 hours and 2 days to grow to a mature tree. After a sapling has grown to a mature tree, the tree is harvestable for Tree Tokens. The time it takes to harvest a tree and the harvest reward depends on the type of sapling you are planting. Additionally, you can get bonus harvesting rewards from owning Sapling NFTs. You can read more about different sapling stats in the “Sapling Types & Rewards” section.
Once a tree has matured and is able to be harvested, if a player does not harvest the tree in 24 hours the tree will die and cannot be harvested for rewards.
Harvesting Gameplay
How do rewards & in-game purchases work?
When trees are harvested or Tree Tokens are spent, TreeVille's game server will initiate payment transfers instantly. This will at most take a minute, but usually 10-30 seconds depending on the BSC network.
Please check out "THE SAPPLINGS NFT COLLECTION" section for more information about The Saplings NFT Collection, all of its utilities, and how it integrates with TreeVille.