Both players will start with a tiny sapling in the earliest cycle of a tree. As players tap on their side of the screen, their sapling will grow. More taps equal more growth and eventually, once a player has finished growing their tree to maturity, they win the match. We have future plans to develop further staking/wagering mini-games, and are open to taking suggestions from the Tree Token Community.
PvP Gameplay
Players will be able to see their opponent's progress and tapping rhythm/speed.
The number of taps required for each match will be a random number between 25 and 75, providing randomness to prevent cheating and add variation (Check out the Anti-Cheating section to review how TreeVille will address cheating). Additionally, players will have the option to rematch their opponents if both agree.
What if I disconnect or my network is dodgy?
If a player is detected to be disconnected by the game server, the game server will pause the game for both players. The disconnected player will have 30 seconds to reconnect. If the player does not reconnect within 30 seconds, the player automatically forfeits the match. For players that keep on disconnecting, there will be a max of 5 disconnects allowed before the game server forfeits that player. In the scenario that both players disconnect, the match will be canceled.