Farm Managers

Farm managers in TreeVille play-to-earn are automation agents that conduct manual work for players. Players will pay and assign managers to specified land plots. Currently, there are two types of farm managers. Farm Managers can be unlocked by either Tree Tokens or owning a Sapling NFT with the automation power.
Sarah, Water Manager:
Automates manual plant watering. Unlockable by purchasing for 100,000 Tree Tokens or owning a Sapling NFT with auto-watering power. Sarah will take 5% of all harvests on her assigned land plot.
Billy & Bob, Harvesting & Replanting Managers:
Automates manual harvesting and replanting. Unlockable by purchasing for 400,000 Tree Tokens or owning NFT with full automation power. Billy and Bob will take a total of 15% of all harvest on their assigned land plot.
If a player hires Sarah, Billy, and Bob the player will receive 80% (100% - 5% - 15%) of their total harvest proceeds. After assigning, the player can choose to fire Sarah and/or Billy & Bob at any time at which point the player will return to receiving 100% of the harvesting proceeds, but lose all automation.
Refer to "Sapling NFT Powers & Attributes" section for information regarding powers.